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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Flask-Diamond (c) Ian Dennis Miller

from flask_restful import Api

rest_api = Api()

[docs]def init_rest(self, api_map=None): """ Initialize REST API. :returns: None By default, this function does nothing. Your application needs to overload this function in order to implement your REST API. More information about REST can be found in the `documentation <>`_. api_map is an optional function that can be responsible for setting up the API. This is usually accomplished with a series of add_resource() invocations. api_map must take one parameter, which is the Flask-Restful object managed by Flask-Diamond. You will end up writing something like this in your application: class PlanetResource(Resource): def get(self, name): planet = Planet.find(name=name) if planet: return(planet.dump()) def api_map(rest_extension): rest_extension.add_resource(PlanetResource, '/api/planet/<string:name>') def create_app(): application.facet("rest", api_map=api_map) """ if api_map: api_map(rest_api) rest_api.init_app( return rest_api

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