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Flask-Diamond installs in a Python environment with virtualenv. Please see the System Requirements for information about installation pre-requisites.


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Install Flask-Diamond

Create a virtualenv for your application and install Flask-Diamond.

mkdir my-application
cd my-application
mkvirtualenv -a . my-application
pip install Flask-Diamond

If any of these steps do not work, review the System Requirements and ensure everything is installed.

Scaffold a new Flask-Diamond application

Enter the virtual environment and scaffold a new Flask-Diamond application. For this Quick Start, just use the default options.

workon my-application
flask-diamond scaffold app

Use it!

Test the installation to ensure everything is installed correctly:

make test

Create the application database:

make db

Start the application server:

make server

You now have a server running at Depending on your OS, the following command will open your application in a browser.

open http://localhost:5000

Login with the following account details:

  • username: admin@example.com
  • password: the simple_password specified during scaffolding

Next Steps

Now that you have scaffolded your first Flask-Diamond application, you can read about how to Learn Flask-Diamond by using the online documentation and materials. If you prefer to learn by experimenting with a live example, see Planets Tutorial for a hands-on introduction to an working Flask-Diamond application.

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