How to Contribute to the Project

Flask-Diamond welcomes contributions from everybody, and there are several ways you can help! The first step is always to clone the project repository using git. If you haven’t done this yet, then do it now. Then, give the rest of this document a read for some specific ideas about contributing.

Implement your favourite features

If you know a feature you’d like to code in order to help with Flask-Diamond, then the easiest way to help is by submitting a pull request to Flask-Diamond on GitHub. From your perspective, there is no barrier preventing you from contributing to Flask-Diamond today.

Help with the documentation

Project documentation is one of the most important aspects of an open source project. You can help immensely by editing the current documentation for clarity. You can find the documentation in the Flask-Diamond repository, which you can modify by submitting a pull request.

Help with an existing issue

Another way you can contribute is by working directly upon issues that have been submitted by the community using the Issue Tracker. This is more advanced than simply implementing a new feature, because the issue may specify acceptance criteria. It is recommended that you coordinate with project members before working on an issue. The easiest way to contact the team is through the Issue Tracker itself, because each issue has a comment thread associated with it.

Submit your first pull request

The only requirement for your first pull request that you must add your name to the Contributors List, signifying your acceptance of the Flask-Diamond Contributors Agreement.

Become a project developer

If you have proven yourself to consistently deliver great work on Flask-Diamond, then you should join the development team! The team uses a Project Kanban to coordinate its development efforts. In order to join the team, you must be familiar with Agile-Diamond, which is the project management framework used for working on Flask-Diamond. Other than that, you must simply open an issue in the Issue Tracker requesting to become a team member.

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