Flask-Diamond is a volunteer effort. This page discusses the Contributors Agreement and Contributors List. This page is also the official document for signing up as a contributor to the Flask-Diamond project. To learn more about how you can volunteer, please read How to Contribute to the Project.

Contributors Agreement

Contributors to the Flask-Diamond project affirm:

  • Because the License chosen for publishing Flask-Diamond complies with the principles of Open Source Software; and
  • Because works contributed to this project could become part of Flask-Diamond; and
  • Because all contributions to the project are either 1) the original work of the contributor; or 2) include proper attribution to the original author as permitted by applicable Open Source licenses; and
  • Because the Flask-Diamond copyright may be transferred to a qualified Open Source organization in the future; therefore

For the benefit of the Flask-Diamond project:

  • Contributors will assign the rights to their contributed works to the the Flask-Diamond author, Ian Dennis Miller; and
  • Contributors will add their name or well-known pseudonym to the Contributors List.

Contributors to the Flask-Diamond project signify acceptance of the Contributors Agreement by submitting a git pull request appending themselves to the Contributors List.

Contributors List

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